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HOTHS Organization for the Human Services

HOTHS is a non-governmental organization working for the Human Services. It is registered under the societies Registration Act XXI 1860 on 22nd February 1993 with Registration No.126 of 1993. Since inception it is working on Secular grounds with Non-profit motto. 

The organization has its Administrative Office located in Singaripalli Village, Bestavaripet Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh State, South India.


An organization with the social and gender equality in which the marginalized and oppressed Dalits as well as women live with self respect, human dignity and sustainable livelihood 


To organize the Dalits by mainstreaming Gender for their human development, Assertion of Human Rights, Social and Economic Empowerment, Effective Participation in Political process and enter in to decision making centers 


The main aim of the organization is to create a community centric, community led and community managed holistic development system.

This can be achieved through executing the following objectives with communities as the main actors, and HOTHS as a guiding partner.

  • Promoting cultural and traditional systems of the daliths and adivasis through safeguarding their traditional practices.
  • Welfare of Socially downtrodden communities – through awareness activities, guiding and educating about accessing welfare schemes and entitlements; 
  • Promoting Economic empowerment – through awareness on employment generation; trainings in Income generation activities like vocational trainings; technical trainings; establishing vocational training centres for youth of both sexes; promoting Self Help Groups; Youth Groups etc.;
  • Promotion of Child Rights – through execution of all types of activities related to child welfare and protection; eradication of child labour; setting up of Child Groups and Peer Groups etc.
  • Promotion of schooling and education – through awareness generation on RTE; enrolling school age children and dropouts into schools; extending support; setting up of special schools and Hostels or short stay homes and Orphan homes ; imparting supplementary education for the students; 
  • Promotion of Women Rights and execute all types of activities with helps in the protection, welfare, and upliftment of women dignity and integrity;
  • Taking up special activities for streamlining the Dalith and Adivasi communities to join the main stream of other society members living in the villages, towns and cities;
  • Promote the welfare of small and marginal farmers – through adopting modern technologies in agriculture; practicing cost effective agricultural systems like organic farming, natural farming etc.; promoting horticulture in the less rainfall zones; educating to access all types of schemes from the allied government departments;
  • Promotion of collective entrepreneurship – in the form of Cooperative and FPO concepts among the Common Interest Group to bring them together and ensure sustainable and profitable income through collective entrepreneurship;
  • Welfare of persons with special needs – through setting up support centres for the persons with special needs of different age groups; giving them suitable trainings to promote their living standards; guide them towards accessing any entitlement from the government etc.
  • Promotion of Health and Hygiene – by way of creating awareness on health, hygiene, personal and environmental sanitation; extending diagnostic, curative and referral services to the rural communities; setting up of Rural / Urban Health Clinics etc.
Mrs. Nirmala Bai

Mrs. Nirmala Bai

EX-Executive Secretary 

HOTHS Organization for the Human Services 

God has called her on 28th March 2020 to His kingdom. It was unexpected death it made me surprised at 1.33 am on Saturday, The last Breath of Mrs.Nirmala Bai.(She is continuing as a Secretary& Project Director of HOTHS from 22-02-1993-28-03-2020 and the Secretary of Prakasam District CSos Network on (NIRU)Network Initiatives for Reaching the unreached from 31-10-2018 to 28-03-2020 )  

About the Executive Secretary Mrs. Nirmala Bai, MA (Sociology)

Mrs. Nirmala is a post graduate Sociologist from Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh. She is a passionate social worker, dedicated her life to address the issues of women and children of rural areas from poor background lives close to the forests and remote locations in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh State, the southern state of India. 

She had a vision to start a voluntary organization from her childhood to support the children who are in need of care and protection and women empowerment, she established the HOTHS Organization for the Human Services registered under Societies registration act, 1860 in the year 1993 on 22nd February.

Behind her aspirations, there was an interesting story of a little school going girl from Dalit community, she was very clever and playful all the time, used to drop schools often with funny reasons, that made her father worried about her future, one day he suddenly joined her in a residential school called Lutheran Girls High school, situated in Andhra Pradesh state, she was upset with immediate shift, took time to adjust in the unfamiliar Christian environment having more than 5000 girl children around.  In the process of her schooling, she was selected as one of the Foster child among 500 selected children for Kinder Not Hilfe (KNH) Germany programme, the school was associated with Kinder Not Hilfe (KNH) Germany, is a charity organization and was founded in 1959 by a group of Christians in Duisburg, Germany, in order to help needy children in India. Over time, it has become one of the largest Christian organizations in Europe for children’s aid.  Selecting for foster care programme, receiving loving communications, support for her school fees from her new foster parents Prof. Robert Hoth & Prof. Gerda Hoth was her life changing moment and that influenced her to work for human services in support of the needy for their dignity in the rural villages with a consistent aspiration.


After her studies she established the organization “HOTHS” on the name of her foster parents Prof. Robert Hoth & Prof. Gerda Hoth. She started an integrated primary school exclusively Dalit children in the year 1995 in Singasanipalli a hill top village in order to create access to the formal education for the unreached children who are out of schools, never enrolled are busy with goat and cow rearing, the Kinder Not Hilfe (KNH) Germany who was her foster care support organization has come forward to hold up for her educational initiatives through CCCYC organization Bangalore. 

During the school programme, Mrs. Nirmala Bai soon realized that, the children and families living in these remote hill top areas are lacked access not only quality education and were deprived of the skills necessary to combat the rights violations and everyday discriminations.  She even understands imparting school education will not adequate to address the severe socioeconomic and health issues of Dalit communities who live far from the urbanization. Hence, she has approached Mr. Sathish Reginald Samuel, KNH India Coordinator with a proposal to execute a Child Focused Community Development (CFCD) Programmes in 25 villages of Bestavaripeta Mandal, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh state.  Looking at the plights of Dalit children, passion of Mrs. Nirmala Bai towards upliftment of human dignity of Dalit communities through human services, the KNH came forward, extended support for the new programme of Child Focused Community Development (CFCD)   Alongside of school programmes, after-school tutoring Study centers for children from low income families, education committees, children’s clubs and committees are formed, in order to improve the community ownership to take forward the activities for its sustenance. 

The KNH supported the organization in building capacities of the programme staff on project management, facilitation, documentation and communication skills.  HOTHS developed an outstanding rapport among the Dalit communities, extended its activities women and Dalit empowerment. 

She has earned good recognition among the communities and duty bearers for her dedication and commitment to the fight for educational and human equity.  She faced lot of challenges as well as the opportunities to expand her reach even further and work for more transformative changes. 


  • Kindernothilfe Germany.CFCD Programmes 
  • CBN Living water India International Provide the Drinking Bore wells Rural Villages.
  • CBN Operation Blessing India.Meadical &Health Camps, Eye Camps.Opticals Distribution 
  • CASA through Church of south India Nandyala.Flood and Fire Relief Land Reclamation.
  • Major City of Remscheid Germany Women’s Health &Hygiene through CCCYC Bangalore.
  • National Bank for Agricultural for Rural Development,(NABARD) REDP Tailoring &Embroidery 
  • SarvaSiksha Abhiyan (SSA Rajieve Vidya Mission) Government of Andhrapradesh (Seasonal Hostels for Migration Family Children’s).
  • Shamdasani Foundation Hong Kong. Uniform Notebooks for Tribal Children’s Giddalur Mandal 


  • Formed and executed successfully 25 child friendly village level Child rights resource centers 
  • Formed and trained 25 Parents committees for continuing education of formal schooling for children 
  • Formed and trained 25 Education committees comprising of 125 members of Parents and children to prevent school dropouts, strengthening the formal education 
  • Formed one Mandal level committee with widows, destitute women named Mother Theresa committee
  • Formed 99 self help groups in 25 villages with 1012 members
  • Formed three Cluster Level Associations (CLAs) with self help group representatives 
  • Formed and trained 25 village level Children groups 
  • Formation one Mandal level Children Group federations with the group representatives 
  • Formed one Children Movement for Climate Justice (CMCJ) in order to sensitize the children on the significance of environment and changing climatic conditions 
  • Formed Disability Groups 12 groups with the Children group