Awareness on Eradication of child marriages,

  • With the Support of KNH -CMCJ Net work and few Local Supporters the organization has taken up activities 6 villages of Bestavarapeta, Tharlupadu, Cumbum Mandals Mrs.Nirmala Project Director of HOTHS being the coordinating and monitoring three districts for a period of 15 days From 06-09-2018 to 20-09-2018 to ensure effective execution of the programmes with the support of KNH-CMCJ NET WORK. 

  • Awareness camps on Eradication of Child marriages.
  • Awareness on Domestic Violence and women Rights.
  • Awareness of Child Protection.
  • Awareness on Food Security.
  • Awareness on Community Problems &Issues.
  • Awareness on Livelihoods and promotion of Livelihoods.

After School Evening School Tuition Centers project


  •  After School Evening School Tuition Centers project was initiated by Hoths Organization for the Human Services with the support of “World Day of Prayer USA “from December 2018 at Rural and remote Hill and forest area Especially Tribal children’s at  Diguvamitta in Giddalur Mandal Prakasam District Andhrapradesh. The entire Children’s of this project are from 7 Villages. The Children’s parents are working as a Seasonal Laborers and their main works are making Bamboo Basket and agricultural fields. These families are living in the huts with the roof of thatched houses. They don’t have separate room for studying their homes. The Main Objectives of this project Eradication the Dropouts child Labor addressing the children problems and issues and provide the quality Education through after School Evening Tuition Centers. This project has been very much welcomed by hill and forest are tribal families   



  •  Promotion of sustainable income through promotion of small Entrepreneurship project was initiated by HOTHS Organization for the Human services with the support of the Foundation Le Solstice Switzerland from February 2019 to January 2020 at Rural and Remote villages in Bestavarapet Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh. The entire entrepreneurship of this project area from eight Villages. The Project area geographically falls under severely drought stricken Zone. Being on agrarian region all the communities are dependent on Agriculture work for their livelihood. The main Entrepreneurship Development like Animal husbandry, Vegetable business, fancy store, Goat rearing, Sheep rearing development the below poverty people. 


Diguvamitta tribals old age peoples

Nutritional support to aged and vulnerable peoples with the help of SHADASANI  FOUNDATION at Diguvamitta village Giddalur Mandal in Prakasam District. HOTHS has identified 42 senior citizens who are living under vulnerable conditions in tribal village of Diguvametta.  The package containing Rice, Dhal, Onions, Oil were supplied to these families.  The organization also mobilized supporters from the project areas who contributed in the form of kind or cash which made us to extend the support to this many senior citizens. 

Day Care Centers for Migration Family Children’s.


 The project has been supported by the esteemed UBERSEEHILFS WERK, Germany  at Singaripalli and Sarva Siksha Abiyan Government of Andhrapradesh for supporting with food and educational support to 125 children at Singaripalli Gantapuram and KothaMallaMuram Villages in Bestavarapeta Mandal. 


  •  The Need of the Project;-Programmes are planned for the benefit of the children whose families are have migrated and for the children of destitute and Vulnerable families. Programme like assuring Schooling they were provided with (food security) care and additional educational support through this Centers. 


The Expected outcome of these projects: 

  • Social Security and food security aspects of 125 vulnerable children’s are assured.
  • The Children are out of social stigma they are facing due to their family underprivileged conditions &feelings they are on par with other children’s in the society.
  • 125 Children’s of (both sexes) are continuing their schooling and Education.
  • Special coaching is given to these children to ensure qualitative learning to enable them to get enrolled in to better schools/hostels/Residential Schools/professional Colleges/Technical Courses.
  • 125 children’s physical and mental status is boosted to the maximum extent.



  • The EECG- USA Support the project on Environmental Conservation and Education Project on youth solidarity for safe Environment Activities for the year from 2018-19 .The main objectives of this project creative the awareness on Eradication of plastic usage through theTraining, Meetings, Rally’s, with the participation of village level community based organizations like children groups ,women Groups, youth groups of the Vulnerable communities both male and at 20 villages in Bestavarapeta Mandal in prakasam district Andhrapradesh India .The outcome of this project Many people will be changed their attitude to usage of alternate materials against plastics village healthy Environment will be promoted and the threat of Plastic usage will be prevented. 



  • Main Objectives of the project on Eradication of Leprosy through awareness Creation and peoples participation among Rural population 20 villages Bestavarapeta Mandal in Prakasam District Andhrapradesh .

  • This programmed is aimed at creating awareness among the communities on Leprosy and allied subject.  Through awareness generation, the project aims at eradication of Leprosy and its ill-effects.  This project is initiated in the month of January 2019 in 20 villages of Bestavarapeta Mandal in Prakasam District.  As on date of reporting, one round of awareness meetings and cultural shows were completed.  The organization is coordinating with the help of government District Medical and Health Department/local Primary Health Centers Prakasham District. Andhrapradesh India. 

  • Through medical checkups initiated 3 cases at the initial stages are diagnosed and referred for treatment to the Government medical department/Hospital.